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1. Why are you in radio?

I'm in radio because as a kid I felt a really deep connection with radio, I was an awkward "always in my own head" type of kid. When I was in my early teens I didn’t really have many friends so listening to the radio felt like a friend of mine. I thought I could do the same for imaginative kids like me.

2. What do you want Listeners to know about you?

That I'm really excited to be working at X1039! It’s going to be cool not only to talk on air to people here in the I.E. 5 days a week, but to also see them at events and concerts and kind of get into the whole community. Meeting all the listeners and fans is definitely exciting.

3.  What are you excited to know about X1039 listeners?

What their favorite food is? What kind of deodorant they use? That might not be a good thing! I'm excited to get to know them on a personal level. Like I said, being a fan of radio got me into that personal connection with the DJ and the music. So just getting to chat with the listeners every weekday sounds righteous.

4.   What makes a woman sexy?

Tons of makeup! Haha no, that's kind of subjective because everyone has their own preference of what kind of woman they like and what makes a woman sexy or attractive. I like very natural features. Eyes and hair are great.Femininity is what I like in a woman. I don’t really like the Hollywood too thin type girl either. I prefer a girl when she's is just in a flannel and her hair is down.

5.   What makes a dude cool?

A lot of money and expensive cars! No, just be yourself and be cool like Fonzie. You don’t have to try and be cool. You are cool when you're confident in yourself without being egotistical.

6.   What X1039 artist would you want to play your birthday party?

Well my birthday is in a couple of months. I'm really into Switchfoot right now. Their new album Fading West was released today. I dig the album and they've always been cool, positive dudes. They're from San Diego and surf so I think we'd have a good time. Switchfoot for my birthday!

7.  What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

The coolest thing I've ever done is travel. I like to travel a lot and have been everywhere from Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. It’s a great conversation starter and totally makes me look cool haha.

8.  How would you describe your first radio gig?

X1039 actually was my first radio gig. It was really exciting to be on air for the first time at a rock station I admire. Being on air is one thing, but being on stage announcing Big B at the Merry Meltdown was incredible. Huge rush.

9.   What are you doing Social Media-wise?

I'm on Twitter @SenorValdez. I was looking for a name to be distinct and that is when I decided to create SenorValdez. Instagram too. I like instagramming even though I haven’t been on in like a week. You lose ideas. There's only so many sunsets and food items you can come up with. Vine, but Vine gets lame. No Snapchat. Never.

10.   What is your favorite part of the job?

The interaction between listeners. It's gratifying to give back with music, prizes and coversation. As a fan of radio it's fun to be on the other end of that.

11.  What is the one thing that would surprise many people to learn about you?

I don’t comb my hair ever! I wake up and maybe just one quick comb and that's it. I don't like hair cuts and shaving either. I'm a total child! I use to let my hair grow out really long but it got just too much.. The Beatles once said they didn't like shaving either and became hippies. My plan is to look like the Beatles from 1967 in like six months. Just give me time!

12.    Who is your favorite on-air personality not on your staff and why do you like them?

Howard Stern was who I really connected to. He's someone who can just talk for long periods of time and you're captivated. Stern is the man when it comes to radio and how it should be done. I think he nails it!

13.    Do you have a favorite hobby outside of radio?

Favorite hobby outside of radio, umm..I love surfing. I lived in Hawaii for a year as a kid and kind of just did basic surfing. Hawaii surfing is kind of like second nature. When I moved back to Southern California I got into surfing more and more. Being out in the ocean in the mornings is especially excellent because you have so much energy throughout the rest of the day. Surfing is what I can say is my hobby outside of radio.

14.    What advice would you give to people new to radio?

Radio is an industry that you really have to dedicate your life to. It's something that should consume your entire mindset. You should be willing to change your life to get the best positions and give your blood, sweat and tears. That's what radio is. So I would say you really have to know that you want to be in radio to pursue radio. Of course you have to like music as well. The passion for music just translates to the listeners and to the audience.

15.    Who would be a dream guest to have on your show?

A lot people are scared of certain artists because they aren’t social or are closed off in interviews. Someone like Maynard from Tool and A Perfect Circle, who is infamously not so good with interviews would be fun. I like challenges and it's my job to kind of get them to open up and communicate. I'm probably just setting myself up for disaster though haha.

16.    What’s the coolest promotion you’ve ever been involved in?

The shows are always fun. We're doing the Low Dough shows now. Merry Meltdowns are awesome. Anything where you can see the listeners' passion and excitement are great. Music shows are probably my favorite though.

17.    What’s the most challenging part of the job?

The most challenging part is waking up. I work mid-days and my shift starts at 10am. I've been a night owl going to bed at 4am for the past 10 years of my life so waking up at a reasonable time, which isn't even early, is challenging. I don't drink coffee so that just adds to my crying.

18.    What led you to a career in radio?

Since I was a kid I was just so gungho about getting into radio. I just pursued it really. My advice is to pick something and just go for it. Put that in your mind and work towards it. I also didn't want a job I had to wear a suit to every morning.

19.    What is your favorite kind of X1039 listener?

My favorite kind of X1039 listener is the kind of listener that reminds me of myself. The high school kids that love to listen like I did. People use to ask students at my high school, “What do you want to do?" Most would want to be rock stars, athletes, or doctors. Then people would ask me and I’d say “Oh, well I want to be in radio.” The response would be, “What, radio? Why?” It's cool to see kids excited about what you do.

20.    What’s your favorite kind of beer?

I love craft beers, but I’ll drink a Budweiser or Coors on occasion. If I'm out I'd usually go for a Newcastle on tap. Newcastle is always classic.

21.    Do you work out?

Other than outdoor activities not really. Not a fan of gyms.

22.    “Local, local, local”, has always been radio’s mantra. How do you keep your station visible in the community?

X1039 does a really good job with connecting with the Inland Empire. First off, we're “The I.E.’s Alternative Rock,” but we are everywhere from the High Desert to Rancho, to Beaumont. We go pretty far and we don’t just go to concerts. We have big events like Springo to get everyone together. We're always around and that’s what’s great. We're always visible.

23.    What music do you listen to when you do your laundry?

When I do laundry I listen to a lot of 80s Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, I love 80’s music to be honest. I am a Hall & Oates fan which totally throws people off. I can dance to it while throwing a sock and catching it to the beat haha. So yeah 80’s pop music is what I listen to when I do laundry.

24.    What’s your favorite sport?

Baseball and basketball are the best of the best with basketball at number 1.




























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