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Weeknights 7pm - 12am, High Five at Eight. Tune in for 10'oclock Tool every weeknight at 10pm.
Xtreme X Saturday 9pm - Midnight


Why are you in radio?    

After watching my dad do radio for years when I was a kid, I was hooked. I love music and the interaction with people listening live to what you are broadcasting is amazing. I’ve always been fascinated by how radio works.

Beaming its signal all over the place.

What makes a woman sexy?   

Smile, Personality and Confidence….OOOooo and X-tra credit if she can cook!!

What song has changed your life and why?

There are many songs that affect me. Reminding me of the last time I heard it, where I was at, how I felt, I can change my mood and thoughts with certain songs. Some songs that stop me in my tracks are “Pantera-Cemetary Gates” “FFDP-The Bleeding” “Pink Floyd-Breathe” “Tool-Reflection”  “Bob Marley- Is this Love”

What X1039 artist would you want to play your birthday party?

 Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, or Devo

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve done plenty… One day I will learn.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?   

Why how dare you ask me that, I’m a perfect angel.

Have you ever said someone else’s name during sex instead of who you were with? 

Yes… But thankfully… they had the same name.

What’s more important: boobs or butt?  

I’m starting to think a Pervert wrote these Questions

Have you ever had sex in public?  

San Bernardino Sheriff Dept. would know the answer to that

Who is your favorite artist that you’ve interviewed? 

Corey Taylor from Slipknot & Stone Sour was one of my favorites backstage at Ozzfest. He is a very witty creative guy.

How would you describe your first radio gig? 

I interned at a radio station that played Guns N Roses and Debbie Gibson. What a fun introduction to radio. Short after I started at an IE oldies station where I got to crack the mic for the first time.

What is your favorite part of the job?  

Blasting music live on the air every night!

What is the one thing that would surprise many people to learn about you? 

That I love old skool hip hop music and collect Hot Wheels.

Do you have any favorite hobbies outside of radio?

I love old cars, Motorcycles, Playing Poker,

Who would be a dream guest to have on your show?

Jim Morrison

What’s your favorite kind of beer? 

I love craft beer, Stone and Rogue are my 2 favorite breweries.

 “Local, local, local”, has always been radio’s mantra. How do you keep your station visible in the community?

Lol. Im as local as ya get. Grew up in here in the IE in Redlands. Many of our listeners I grew up with. Went to school with. Or have listened to me at some point in the 20 years I have been on air in the IE. The IE is home I always talk about places and cities. I think my lifestyle is close to a lot of our listeners. I can relate to most I think.

What music do you listen to when you do your laundry? 

Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath of course!

What’s your favorite sport?

Ladies midget wrestling






















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